lunes, febrero 08, 2010

Brian Yuzna Brings The Old-School Horror With AMPHIBIOUS 3D!

Don't let the use of CGI technology on the main creature or the latest in 3D techniques fool you, Brian Yuzna's Amphibious 3D is every ounce an old-school creature feature.

Celsius Entertainment are screening the first promo reel for the film here at the European Film Market and things are looking remarkably good for Yuzna's first feature since packing up and moving shop to Indonesia.

First up, the creature itself. Though the CGI is still in progress things are looking rather good in the giant sea scorpion department. The creature is fun and Yuzna is clearly maximizing what he does with his scenario. But horror fans resistant to the use of CGI take heart because it looks like the scorpion is the only thing being done with CGI with all the rest of the effects - and there are several extreme gore moments in the promo - are being done practically with some very solid prosthetic work. On the whole the film looks like a remarkably faithful updating of the sort of exploitation grinders produced in Indonesia en masse in the 70s and 80s.

And the 3D effects? Very good. There's lots of depth to the image and - of course - Yuzna takes every opportunity to pop something out of the screen at his audience. Expect this one to make waves of the fest circuit soon.


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